17. October 2023

Bez frází, bez červené, ale s bronzem na krku! Ohlédnutí za IPH CUP 2023

8. October 2023

Titul z ostravského turnaje IPH CUP 2023 berou parahokejisté USA!

8. October 2023

Češi rozhodli pět vteřin před koncem základní hrací doby o těsné výhře 2:1. Bronz zůstává doma

7. October 2023

Odveta Američanů s Čechy překvapení nepřinesla. Češi si po prohře 1:6 v neděli zahrají o třetí místo s IPH týmem


Ostrava will be celebrating another beginning of the new hockey season – 2023/24 with an extraordinary parahockey event. The third year of the annual International Para Hockey Cup will be held in the Ostravar Arena from the 2nd to the 8th of October 2023! The current top three teams – the USA, Canada, and the Czech Republic, will test their strength on the ice for the first time since the World Parahockey Championships, where the Czechs won their historic bronze medals. They will be joined again by the world’s selection of parahockey players in a blended team – the IPH team. Tickets are on sale now!

International Para Hockey Cup 2023 2nd – 8th of October 2023 Ostravar Aréna

IPH CUP 2023 – Fan Zone

You can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the world para ice hockey tournament from the non-traditional Fan Zone, directly next to the ice! Try para hockey, laser shooting, skiergs, para bocce, para basketball or para table tennis. Children will be entertained by IKEA with their handicraft workshops, and the city of Ostrava and the Moravian-Silesian region will also bring plenty of different board games.

There will also be a large stage right next to the ice for DJ Saurus and the tournament moderator – Jirka Krupica, and you can look forward to the great talk show Bez frazí (Without Barriers) with moderator Karel Nocar and the filming of Robert Záruba’s podcast in a unique environment.

The great Fan Zone will entertain both children and adults, while enjoying the atmosphere of the IPH CUP 2023 world tournament in an unexpected environment, along with watching the para hockey matches directly from the ice surface! The Fan Zone opens one hour before the first game and runs until the end of the second game of the day!

If you’re interested in music then this is a place for you. In the Fan Zone of the IPH CUP 2023 tournament, you can watch the work of DJ Saurus and our moderator Jirka Krupica. The amazing mascot Samson will guide you through the entire Fan Zone as well, and you can try things like in-line para hockey, laser shooting, skiers, para boccia, para basketball or para table tennis. A true fan can also get ready for the next match in the Ikea creative workshop and try different board games and interesting competitions that are prepared by the Moravian-Silesian Region and Ostrava!

Skvělá fanzóna zabaví velké i malé a atmosféru světového turnaje IPH CUP 2023 si tak užijete v nečekaném prostředí a parahokejové souboje můžete sledovat přímo od ledové plochy! Fanzóna se otevírá hodinu před prvním zápasem a běží až do konce druhého zápasu daného dne!

DAY 5: 6.10.2023





Livestream USA vs IPH team

2.10.2023 from 15:00

Livestream CZE vs CAN

2.10.2023 from 18:00

Livestream USA vs CAN

3.10.2023 from 15:00

Livestream IPH team vs CZE

3.10.2023 from 18:00

Livestream CAN vs IPH team

5.10.2023 from 15:00

Livestream USA vs CZE

5.10.2023 from 18:00

Livestream SEMI-FINAL 1

7.10.2023 from 15:00

Livestream SEMI-FINAL 2

7.10.2023 from 18:00

Livestream FOR BRONZE

8.10.2023 from 15:00

Livestream FINAL

8.10.2023 from 18:00