Para hockey is played on a specially adapted sleigh – sledge.

The background around the ice area also differs along with specific sports equipment. Para hockey players watch the entire match on sleds, so the boards must be transparent. Both benches and penalty benches are also specially adapted for the needs of para hockey matches. In contrast to classic hockey, para hockey players play a match of 3 x 15 minutes.

Men and women can play together in one team, whether on a league or international level! One of the most famous players is Lena Schroeder from Norway. She has been a regular national para hockey player since 2018. She was one of the prominent personalities of her team at the Ostrava 2019 Para Hockey World Championships.

Lena Schroeder at the Ostrava 2019 Para Hockey World Championships

Para hockey was first presented internationally at the Winter Paralympics in Lillehammer, Norway in 1994. In the final match, the Swedish team won over Norway’s home team, taking the sport’s first Paralympic gold medal.

The first World Championships were held in Nynashamn, Sweden. The first World Championships were also won by the Swedish team.

The first European Championships took place in Zlín in 2005.

The most successful Paralympic para hockey team is team USA. The Americans won 4 of a total of 7 Paralympics.

Winners of the Ostrava 2019 Para Hockey World Championships

Teams from Australia and China represented themselves for the first time at international para hockey championships in 2018.

In 2019, the historically most successful para hockey championships took place in Ostrava. 45,000 fans visited the Ostravar Arena during six playing days.

The Ostrava Para Hockey World Championships was the jubilee 10th Para Hockey World Championships.