Awesome Fan Zone at the IPH CUP 2023 tournament

It’s not only the world’s elite para hockey that entertains the fans at the International Para Hockey Cup 2023. As tickets to the Ostravar Arena are for the entire day, i.e. for both matches, fans have the opportunity to entertain themselves during breaks in the great Fan Zone. It attracts not only because of its various sports which people can try out, but also because of the music, competitions and talk shows of well-known sport personalities.

The fans can be excited for tomorrow’s Fan Zone program, where stage of the Fan Zone, between the matches of Canada vs. IPH and USA vs. the Czech Republic, will be dedicated to the famous Czech commentator Robert Záruba. His podcast Hokej bez červené (Hockey without penalties) has been entertaining hockey fans for three years. This time, however, fans will be able to enjoy it in a slightly different way – as a live talk show. Robert Záruba is largely behind the popularization of para hockey in our country and so there will definitely be no shortage of entertaining and interesting information from the para hockey background, locker rooms and from a commentary viewpoint!

Commentators Miroslav Hrbek (L) and Robert Zhruba (R) during world para ice hockey championship game between Canada and Czech Republic in Ostrava, Czech Republic, 22 June 2021. Photo: Lukas Kabon

Another talk show Bez frází (Without Barriers) with Karel Nocar will be on Saturday between matches. The legendary handball player and amazing anchorman Karel Nocar will invite the youngest para hockey players of the Czech Republic to the stage right by the ice of the Ostravar Arena. The talk show Bez frází starts immediately after the first semi-final duel of the IPH CUP 2023.

Sports, creative workshops, music and a great DJ

If you’re interested in music then this is a place for you. In the Fan Zone of the IPH CUP 2023 tournament, you can watch the work of DJ Saurus and our moderator Jirka Krupica. The amazing mascot Samson will guide you through the entire Fan Zone as well, and you can try things like in-line para hockey, laser shooting, skiers, para boccia, para basketball or para table tennis. A true fan can also get ready for the next match in the Ikea creative workshop and try different board games and interesting competitions that are prepared by the Moravian-Silesian Region and Ostrava!

Entry to the Fan Zone is completely free and will entertain all para hockey fans, big or small!